What PG/VG ratio is best?

Almost every e liquid is made up of a combination of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG). Each adds different qualities to a liquid and – much like flavour percentage – the PG/VG ratio of an e liquid is very much down to personal preference.


Choosing the right PG & VG ratio

If you’ve never made e-liquid before we’d suggest starting off with either a 50/50 ratio or 70 VG and 30 PG.

Keep in mind that Nicotine can be carried in either VG or PG for a mix of the both at different ratios; always check what your nicotine is suspended in when working out your ratios as it will affect the final result.

Flavourings are typically suspended in PG as it carries flavour better, there are some companies that do provide flavourings in VG, and if you want a very heavy VG liquid you may want to consider using these. One on One carry some VG flavourings if you are wanting to try some out.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol (PG) is a thin liquid, used for a variety of things within multiple industries, from a carrier for flavour, which is what is mainly used for in e-liquid, to fog machines, in beauty products, pharmaceuticals and inhalers for asthma. It is a brilliant carrier for flavour, which is why most concentrates come suspended in PG, it provides that throat hit that we get in an e-liquid. PG does not create much in the way of vapour production.


  • Thinner liquid than VG
  • Gives you that throat hit
  • Carries flavour better than VG
  • Does not produce much in the way of clouds

Vegetable Glycerine

Vegetable Glycerine (VG) is a thick viscous liquid, a slightly sweet taste the consistency of syrup. Used in multiple industries such as the beauty industry in products such as makeup and lotions. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for medications, topical lotions and cough syrups. It gives smoothness to an e-liquid and is used in higher ratios in more powerful devices as the liquid does not atomise as quickly, due to its thickness. It however does not carry flavour as well as PG; VG does however create huge thick clouds, popular with a lot of Vapers.


    • Thicker liquid can have a similar consistency to syrup.
    • Gives a smoother feeling to a vape.
    • Produces bigger clouds.
    • Does not carry flavour as well as PG, so it must be compensated with a higher powered atomizer and mod combo. Or pick up a new kit here!



We do not recommend a pure PG liquid, it will be incredibly harsh on the throat hit and very thin, so will not wick well in any atomizer.


It will tend to feel on the thin/insubstantial side. The throat hit would be very harsh, we would not recommend this.

70PG/30VG – 60PG/40VG

This would be on the thin side and give a harsh throat hit. While it can work we do not recommend it.


A 50/50 mix is a good starting point for new mixers while you get used to mixing. This will work in most tanks and will wick properly; you will find that you may go through liquid quicker as it will atomise quicker being a thinner liquid. This will give you a decent throat hit, ideal if that’s what you are currently craving.


This is the most common Short fill ratio you will see in vape shops. Will work well in most devices, should give you a smooth vape that still has that throat hit.


This ratio will give you a thicker liquid, ideal for sub ohm and people who use RBAs. The slightly decreased flavour is more than compensated for with higher wattage, 80/20 has a vast power range available to it, but more depends on the atomizer/RBA you’re using!. You will have a smooth vape with little to no throat hit. To learn about RBAs, read our dedicated guides: Vape Coil Building Information Centre and ‘How to build a Vape Coil in 7 Easy steps!’.


This mix can only be achieved with VG based nicotine and VG based flavour concentrates. It will be very smooth and have no throat hit. 

What PG/VG Ratio is best?

The best PG/VG ratio is dependent upon your preference, if you like big clouds and use a modern, sub ohm e-cig, then 80VG / 20PG might be the best. On the other hand, if you’re using a small, EVOD style setup then you would find closer to 50VG / 50PG ratios being the best. It’s entirely based on your own atomizer, mod and personal preference.

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