Choosing an E-liquid

One of the most critical decisions you make when switching from smoking to vaping is to find the right e-liquid for you- one that is going to help you in your aim to quit smoking altogether and satisfy you every time you feel the urge to smoke. 

There are two crucial things that you will need to consider when you are deciding which e-liquid is going to work for you; nicotine strength and flavour.


So you’ve bought your shiny new e-cig starter kit, but if every time you use it the e-liquid tastes disgusting, you’re probably soon going to find your way back to smoking again.

Now this might sound obvious, but most smokers are creatures of habit- they smoke the same brand all day, every day for years on end. Once they settle on a flavour that they prefer, smokers will rarely switch to a different brand. When you’re switching to vaping though, you are really spoilt for choice with hundreds of different flavours to choose from, so where do you start?

Some smokers find that at first that they might want to try to stick to familiar tobacco flavours to help them cope with the change- they may want to replicate the flavours of their favourite brand of cigarettes, so that the switch to vaping isn’t such a massive change- but others may want to get right away from tobacco completely and begin using fruit or dessert flavours straight away. It is important to try a range of good quality flavours when you first begin vaping, it is worth experimenting with a few different ones.

Moving away from tobacco, you will need to just spend some time thinking about what type of food flavours you already enjoy- citrus fruits, creamy desserts, cakes or confectionery? Or how about flavours based on your favourite drinks? Maybe pink lemonade, cola or even coffee flavours? There are thousands of different flavours to choose from and you won’t be able to try them all, but if you start off by choosing flavours that you know you already enjoy there’s a very good chance you’ll find an e-liquid with a taste that’s right for you. When it comes to flavours, it’s each to their own- what one person finds delicious may well be horrible to another, but you are certain to find flavours that you like from the hundreds of e-liquids on our website.

Nicotine Strength

Heavy smokers who smoke full-flavoured cigarettes often need 18mg to create a satisfying experience with electronic cigarettes. Not only does more nicotine satisfy stronger cravings, but it also generates a deeper and more satisfying throat hit, which closely resembles the feel of cigarette smoke. Moderate smokers with milder cravings should consider 12mg or 6mg, and light smokers usually prefer 6mg or 3mg of nicotine or even zero. One of the beautiful things about electronic cigarettes is your ability to lower your nicotine consumption over time, so you can slowly reduce your nicotine level as you move forward with vaping. As a rough guide to nicotine strength we recommend:

    • Heavy smoker 20 or more a day – 18mg
    • Medium smoker 10-20 a day – 12mg
    • Light/social smoker up to ten a day – 6mg

Another thing to bear in mind is that when it comes to getting nicotine into your body, vaping is not as efficient as smoking- so you may find that you need to vape more often than you used to smoke your cigarettes and this is quite normal. You may find that a 12mg nicotine e-liquid is not satisfying enough for you and you might then think about increasing your nicotine strength and switching up to an 18mg liquid. Similarly, you may find that 12mg is too strong for you and then think about decreasing your strength to a 6mg. There is no hard and fast rule when you’re starting out and so you need to just explore the different options until you hit upon one that works for you personally. Too high and it will seem harsh but too low will be unsatisfying. Again, a little experimentation will be needed before you find your sweet spot.