To keep things simple, light, heat and air are the enemies of e-liquid. Too much exposure to any of these things will cause your e-liquid’s flavour to gradually deteriorate over time. Always store e-liquid in a cool, dark place and ensure the caps are fully tightened on the bottles. One more thing is to ensure that you store your e-liquid well away from children or pets. It’s worth remembering that the caps on your bottles are only “child resistant”- a lot of kids will be able to open them in next to no time, so a lockable box is even safer. Read on for more detailed information to help you store e-liquid efficiently and safely.

Short Term E-Liquid Storage

The best place to store your e-liquid for a short time is in a high cupboard.

This keeps it well out of reach, it’s nice and dark and it should be away from any sources of heat (but make sure it’s not over a radiator or near to an oven). A lockable storage box would keep it extra safe if you have kids that can reach your high cupboard.

Squeeze your plastic bottles before screwing on the caps to remove most of the air and ensure the caps are firmly tightened.

Long Term E-Liquid Storage

For long-term storage, keeping your e-liquid in the fridge or the freezer will extend its life even longer. This works in the same way as freezing your food; it reduces exposure to heat and bacteria, so your e-liquid won’t “go off.” Your e-liquid will not actually freeze, but it will turn thick and gloopy. Remember to allow it to reach room temperature before vaping it after you remove it from the freezer.

I have a bottle of 72mg nicotine suspended in PG that has been in my freezer for the past two years and it has lost none of its potency during that time. Obviously, ensure you keep your liquid in a separate airtight box while it is in your fridge to avoid it contaminating the food stored in your fridge. A lockable box would be perfect to avoid the attention of curious kids.