Vapable DIY E-Liquid Calculator!

Our DIY E-liquid calculator is an extremely versatile tool that all DIY E-liquid Mixers should have in the repertoire. There are very few limitations in the calculations, allowing you to input:

  • Any bottle size up to 9,999,999,999,999ml (1 million litres)
  • Any target PG ratio
  • Any target VG ratio
  • Any Nicotine Base strength
  • Any Nicotine Base Ratio
  • Lots of flavours can be used at a time
  • Flavours can have any percentages
  • Flavours can be individually assigned Names
  • Flavours can be based in PG or VG
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Vapable Nicotine Shot Calculator!

Vapable’s Nicotine Shot calculator is a very simple tool that all Vapers should have in their arsenal. Some people call this tool a ‘shortfill calculator’, ‘nic shot calculator’, ‘nicalc’ etc. If you’re using a shortfill, you need to be sure the amounts of nicotine you’re adding to the bottle are correct, this nic shot calculator allows you to input:

  • Current 0mg E-liquid (ml)

  • E-liquid Target mg (up to 20mg, this is due to safety concerns)

  • Nicotine Shot mg

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Short Shot E Liquid Calculator

The Short Shot E Liquid Calculator is the most simple and easy to use tool available to assist you in your e liquid mixing endeavors.

Here at Vapable we stock many Short Shots from many top brands, and often have deals and competitions running.

Find our Short Shots here!

This tool is primarily intended to help you out with the e liquid calculations associated with short shots, but is also fully functional as an independant e liquid calculator.

Built in a wizard format, this particular e-liquid calculator offers many options without the need for an in-depth understanding of e liquid mixing.

To use the calculator simply click the options you want to use in your e liquid and then examine the results posted below.

Most Short Shots produced and sold by Vapable contain 20% PG based flavour, but you should always check the product page in case this is different, which is just fine because the options to calculate this are built into the calculator in the “Flavour % (PG Based)” section.

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The cost associated with vaping is different for everyone. Therefore we have come up with a new tool! The Savings Calculator!

Simply think about your smoking habits, such as how many cigarettes you smoke per day, how much a pack costs, enter these details, along with your age, and the calculator will do the rest for you!

The results are tailored to information you give it, personalized just so you can be confident in the savings you could be making in the coming weeks, months, years, and the rest of your life

Use of this tool is free, easy and very handy for those of you who are teetering on the edge of quitting cigarettes for good! The financial aspect of vaping is definitely a win over smoking cigarettes, as you can see!

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