Living Wage Employer Badge

We believe that staff wellbeing is important and a hard day’s work deserves the adequate pay to live your life and afford the things you need. We ensure all staff are paid enough to meet the cost of living in today’s world, we are firm believers that if you treat your staff with the care and respect they deserve, you get the most out them and create a happier work environment people are happy to come to in the morning, you spend 8 hours of your day, 5 days a week in work, it should be a good experience and environment.

Taken from the Living Wage site “We are the organisation at the heart of the independent movement of businesses and people that campaign for the idea that a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay. We celebrate and recognise the leadership of responsible employers who choose to go further and pay a real Living Wage based on the cost of living, not just the government minimum.

There is a difference between the national living wage and the REAL Living wage people need to get by on, we have chosen to pay the real over the national minimum; that is what you need to be accredited in its simplest form. This is reviewed every November and those who do not meet the requirement loose that accreditation, we don’t have to worry about that.

Link to the living wage calculator

Being accredited gives potential staff the peace of mind they need when they apply for a job with us, that they will be taken care of. It also gives YOU the customer the peace of mind that you are supporting a living wage company that doesn’t short change their staff in the pursuit of higher profits.

Good companies start with good people and a good work ethic. It is one of our highest company values.