E-Liquid Calculator

E-Liquid Calculator

Step 1: E-Liquid Targets

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Target mg

Flavour Details

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Step 2: Nicotine Details

Nicotine Shot mg

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Step 3: Recipe
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Vapable DIY E-Liquid Calculator!

Our DIY E-liquid calculator is an extremely versatile tool that all DIY E-liquid Mixers should have in the repertoire. There are very few limitations in the calculations, allowing you to input:

  • Any bottle size up to 9,999,999,999,999ml (1 million litres)
  • Any target PG ratio
  • Any target VG ratio
  • Any Nicotine Base strength
  • Any Nicotine Base Ratio
  • Lots of flavours can be used at a time
  • Flavours can have any percentages
  • Flavours can be individually assigned Names
  • Flavours can be based in PG or VG

    How to use the Calculator!

    What you need to input:

  • Amount to produce. This is how much E-liquid you're planning on making, just use your container's ml capacity. For example: our excellent quality Helix Bottles have a 60ml volume capacity, if you're using one, set your 'Amount to produce' to 60ml; this ensures your mix will fit in the bottle.

  • PG & VG percent Targets. This ratio, which is measured totaling 100%, is the amount of PG and the amount of VG in your finished E-liquid. We have more on this in a helpful article we wrote here. So every E-liquid you're likely to make will have a PG/VG ratio that encompasses the entire bottle. Or grab some PG & VG here!

  • Target mg. Enter the nicotine mg you want your finished E-liquid to be. The majority of DIY E-liquid mixers want 3mg, but this calculator allows you to calculate any mg you desire (up to 20mg), as long as your nicotine base has a higher mg than the target.

  • Flavour Name is first. Enter your flavour name, whether it is a flavour produced by a manufacturer (such as Capella Vanilla Custard V1), or a pre-mixed flavour of your own creation.

  • Flavour percentage comes second, which is the total percentage of the individual flavour in the finished E-liquid. If you're mixing 2 flavours in a 60ml E-liquid, at 10% and 5% flavour, you will need 6ml and 3ml respectively.

  • Carrier liquid is last. Simply tick the checkbox, to the right of the flavour %, if the flavour in question is based in VG. If it's based in PG then don't tick the checkbox. A VG based flavour will count towards the VG portion of the PG/VG ratio, whereas a PG based flavour will count to the PG portion.

  • Nicotine Base mg. Notice, this is mg, not percent. On the label of your nicotine base bottle, shot or container, there will be a mg strength or percentage. These both describe the same thing, in different formats. Translating one to the other is very easy, 10 times the percentage equals the mg. So if you're using a nicotine shot that says 1.8% then 1.8x10=18. Therefore 1.8% is equal to 18mg (Nicotine percent per ml * 10 = Nicotine mg per ml). So enter the mg of your nicotine base.

  • Nicotine Base PG & VG Ratio. Now for your nicotine base pg and vg ratio, you need to input the PG/VG ratio that your nicotine base is. Most nicotine base will come in a variety of strengths and ratios, so you'll need to look at the label and find something along the lines of: 100% PG, 50/50, 70/30, 100%VG. If you have a 70/30 or other uneven valued ratio, then double check which value is PG and which one is VG, because sometimes PG is on the left, sometimes on the right, depending on the manufacturer. This calculator allows any mg and ratio, but these are the most common ratios. The PG portion will count towards the final PG ratio of the finished E-liquid, whereas the VG portion will count on the VG side.

  • Recipe Name. This is optional. Name your recipe whatever creative idea you want to call it.

  • Features & Error Messages

    The relevant error messages and buttons will show when there is a problem with your recipe. You can ignore this and carry on in the knowledge that the current recipe, in the current amount to produce is not possible. The calculator allows you to have total control over inputted values.

  • 'Reset Problems!' button. This button will show up under the 'Calculate' button when you have inputted values into fields that cannot produce a recipe, such as a pg ratio of more than 100%. Clicking the button will reset any improper values to their defaults.

  • 'Fix my PG/VG Ratio!' button. This button will show up when you have a recipe that is possible to make, but with a different final PG/VG ratio. If you put in an 20PG/80VG ratio target, but want 25% PG flavouring, and 100% VG Nicotine, then the lowest possible PG ratio is 25PG/75VG. Clicking the button will set the ratio to what the calculator predicts you want, based on your currently inputted value.

  • Error Messages will show up when there is a problem with your inputted values.

  • Highest mg possible button will automatically calculate the highest mg value that is possible, given your PG & VG ratio targets, flavour percentages, flavour carrier, nicotine base mg, nicotine Base ratios, and amount to produce.

  • 'g*' in the results section, grams (g*) may not be perfectly accurate for all flavours. This is because every flavour has it's own weight, usually they weight 1g per 1ml, but this could be 1.1g per 1ml, 1.05g per 1ml or different. Our result is calculated by assuming each ml of PG flavouring weighs 1.0g/ml and VG flavouring weighs 1.25g/ml.

  • Happy Mixing! - The Vapable Team