What is Vaper’s Tongue

Vapers tongue is a bizarre anomaly, it occurs when a vaper temporarily loses the ability to taste their vape. It will usually happen to a vaper at least once and can last an undetermined amount of time usually, 1-3 days.

Why are you getting vaper’s tongue?

Vaper’s tongue can be caused by a multitude of reasons, the most common are:

    • Main cause – The constant vaping of one particular flavour, as with your other senses, they become accustomed to familiar scents and tastes and they can become less prominent to the user.
    • High VG liquids can coat the tongue and stop the taste buds from working correctly.
    • Your taste buds regenerate every ten days; to function correctly they need saliva. Vaping can sometimes cause a dry mouth, without the saliva your taste buds cannot function correctly. Any medications, drinks, foods etc that cause dry mouth can also be a factor.

Ways to get rid of vaper’s tongue?

    • Clean your tongue – we know it sounds silly, but if you have a build up on your tongue you can’t taste.
    • Drink some water, dehydration and a dry mouth go hand in hand, re-hydrate your mouth and cleanse your palette.
    • Switch your vape flavour, sometimes it can just be as simple as you have become used to a flavour, switch it up a bit! Try something new!
    • Vape menthol or liquid with a slight cooling agent, this can help reset your palette.
    • Use an oral hydration product, there are oral hygiene products that exist to help combat a dry mouth, try one that suits you to see if that helps.
    • Take longer breaks between vaping – chain vaping can be a cause, as it’s a constant overload of flavour.

What if it continues?

If it continues we would recommend speaking to your GP as it may be an underlying issue. Medications can cause a dry mouth, if you’ve never experienced this before, we 100% advise speaking to your doctor.