How Long Will an E-cigarette Last?

An electronic cigarette has two main parts; the battery and the clearomiser. Also, you will need to buy liquid for it. We have written this page to give you an indication on how often you will need to buy each.


Your electronic cigarette battery will last around 3-6 months (maybe even longer) depending on usage and care. On average you’d expect to go through two or three batteries a year. A well maintained battery will last for hundreds of recharges. Eventually though, even the most cared for battery will begin to hold less and less charge as it approaches the end of its functional lifespan. See our battery safety page for more advice on caring for your battery.


Clearomisers (or the replaceable coils for more advanced models) are a disposable product which can last anything between a few days and several weeks – again, depending upon usage. You can extend the lifespan of a clearomiser by ensuring that it never burns dry or partially dry (by keeping e liquid topped up) and by giving the heating element time to cool down between vapes. If you can feel your clearomiser heating up during use it could be a sign that the element is near burning out.

Unfortunately, there is also an element of pot luck with the heating elements in clearomisers. Wherever you buy them from – and whoever makes them – they are tiny electrical components prone to fail at some point, regardless of how well they are looked after. Thankfully, they are fairly cheap. It is certainly worth keeping a couple of spare clearomisers on hand.

E Liquid

The heaviest vapers might use 2 or 3 of our 10ml bottles of e liquid a week. Lighter vapers (people that used to smoke 10 a day or less) only use a bottle a fortnight. On average, most people seem to use a bottle or two a week.

So How Much Will All This Cost?

At first glance it may appear as if vaping could end up being expensive. However, allowing for a couple of new clearomisers a month, a couple of new batteries a year and a bottle of liquid a week, vaping (at our prices at least) will cost you less than a fiver a week. We’ve done a detailed breakdown of these costs here.