Hardware Care



    • Always use your coil within the recommended wattage or temperature range to ensure you don’t burn your wick. When you’re using a coil for the first time, start with a low power setting and gradually increase it until you get the flavour and hit you like. Putting too much power into your coil straight away might make it burn out.
    • Some vapers rinse used coils under the tap and reuse them. We wouldn’t recommend this because cleaning coils with tap water can leave residue and bacteria on the coil. Your juice will always taste better with a new coil.


    • We recommend that you clean your tank every two weeks. Changing to a fresh coil is always a good excuse to give the whole tank a good clean. If you’re not sure how to clean your tank, please see our guide.
    • Always try to keep your tank in an upright position. Tanks left on their side, especially overnight, will tend to leak.
    • Buy one of our Vapable vape bands to give some added protection to glass tanks. Dropping your vape is easy to do (especially after a few pints) but a vape band will help to protect your tank from breakage.


    • Ensure your mod is clean from excess e-liquid and general gunk, paying special attention to the 510 thread. You can use a piece of tissue, a paper towel or a cotton bud to clean around the 510 connection. Some vapers like to use alcohol such as vodka to help clean the connection, but NEVER use water to clean your mod or battery.


    • Ensure your spare batteries are stored correctly, preferably in a protective box so they cannot be knocked, scratched, or dented. Never carry loose batteries in a pocket or handbag.
    • If your mod takes more than one battery, “marry” the batteries. This means that you buy batteries of the same type and at the same time. Charge your pairs of “married” batteries together and only ever use them together. This way, you ensure that they share the load equally and one won’t wear out before the other.

For more tips on keeping your equipment in the best condition, see our Hardware Cleaning Guide and our Battery Safety Information.