PG, VG & Nicotine Liquid


PG & VG are the silent heroes of the vaping industry. We respect them by only sourcing expertly tested and approved batches from reputable and reliable sources. Our PG, VG products are batch tested and comply with the requirements of the latest version of the European Pharmacopoeia, USP and the requirements of the EU regulation 231/2012 for food additives (Glycerol (E422)). We stock 100mls, 250mls, 500mls, 1000mls & 5000mls of PG, VG, and Base Mix.

For your convenience we stock everything in our hygienic UK Facility to ensure speedy delivery. You can also find everything you would need to measure PG, VG or Base Mix out into your desired sizes in our DIY Mixing section.

Our VG (Vegetable Glycerine) is 100% vegetable derived glycerine for DIY e-liquid mixing. Our PG (Propylene Glycol) is USP/EP propylene glycol for DIY e-liquid mixing. Vapable base liquids use only the highest quality pharmaceutical and food-grade ingredients, sourced from the UK and EU and conform to British and European safety standards.

Base Mix is simply VG and PG that has been mixed together to achieve a specific ratio, such as 1000ml of 80% VG/20% PG (800mls of VG mixed with 200mls of PG). PG, VG Base Mix is purely a product of convenience, simply allowing DIY Mixers to have all of their desired base liquids in a single bottle rather than in two or more.

A quick rundown of PG, VG ratios: The best pg, vg ratio for flavour in e-liquid is a mix that contains as much pg as possible because PG carries flavour better than VG. We'd recommend 60VG, 40PG for most advanced kits so that the liquid is thick enough to withstand the heat, but more flavour potential than a 70VG/30PG, or 80VG/20PG. For higher ohm, less powerful kits you could get away with even 50VG/50PG or lower VG.