Vapable Nicotine Shot Calculator

Vapable Nicotine Shot Calculator!

Vapable’s Nicotine Shot calculator is a very simple tool that all Vapers should have in their arsenal. Some people call this tool a ‘shortfill calculator’, ‘nic shot calculator’, ‘nicalc’ etc. If you’re using a shortfill, you need to be sure the amounts of nicotine you’re adding to the bottle are correct, this nic shot calculator allows you to input:

  • Amount to produce (ml)
  • E-liquid Target mg (up to 20mg, this is due to safety concerns)
  • Nicotine Base strength

How to use the Calculator!

Current ml of 0mg E-liquid

This is is the total amount of E-liquid you already have when currently in the bottle. So if you have a 60ml, with 50ml of premixed, 0mg e-liquid in it then you need to set the “Current ml of 0mg E-liquid to 50ml”. The amount of nicotine you need to add is shown on the right.

E-liquid Target mg

Enter the nicotine mg you want your finished E-liquid to be. The majority of nic shot calculators want 3mg, but this calculator allows you to calculate any mg you desire (up to 20mg), as long as your nicotine base has a higher mg than the target. Using a target mg close to your nic shot strength can do funny things to the calculations, it will inflate the numbers very quickly.

Nicotine Shot mg

Notice, this is mg, not percent. On the label of your nicotine base bottle, shot or container, there will be a mg strength or percentage. These both describe the same thing, in different formats. Translating one to the other is easy, multiply the percentage by 10, this equals the mg of the nic shot. So if you’re using a nicotine shot that says 1.8% then 1.8×10=18. Therefore 1.8% is equal to 18mg (Nicotine percent per ml * 10 = Nicotine mg per ml). So enter the mg of your nicotine base.