Flavour Boss One Shot

Flavour Boss are a UK based company hailing from Egerton. We stock a full range of their popular mixing one shots, with an eclectic range of flavours there will be something for every mixer. Created by their talented mixologists each flavour is carefully crafted to give the best vape experience possible. Available in easy to use One Shots so you can mix flavours to your own preference, making the vaping experience even better. Vapable have the largest selection of Flavour Boss One Shots in the UK!

What Are Flavour Boss One Shots?

Flavour Boss One Shots are pre mixed recipes that you dilute down with PG, VG and nicotine (if using), to create an easy DIY e-liquid without the need to get the chemistry kit out. Flavour boss’s fantastic mixologists have blended these flavours to be some of the very best of One Shots on the market. One Shots are not ready to vape liquids so need to be diluted down to be vapable, all recommended percentages and steep times can be found on each product page.