What is Squonking?

Squonking is essentially hands-free dripping. Squonking provides a kind of halfway house between having the convenience of a tank with the flavour of a dripper. Flavour chasers use squonking to get the satisfaction of using an RDA while out and about.


Why does it have such a silly name?

Back in 2009, a DIY modder (known on forums as Carlos49) had the idea to create an RDA which could be kept topped up by feeding e-liquid into it from a squeezy bottle fitted into the mod. He eliminated the need for dripping from the top by developing a special bottom feeding atomiser. The prototype was described by Jack Murray, another forum member: “it just squonks the juice right up in there everytime you give it a squeeze” and a new vaping word was born.

Do I need a squonk mod?

Yes. Inside a squonk box mod there is a squeezy silicone e-liquid bottle and a battery. An opening on the side of the box allows you to squeeze the bottle with your finger, which forces e-liquid up through a plastic tube. The tube connects to the RDA through a hollow 510 connection pin. As you squeeze the bottle, e-liquid is pushed up into the RDA, saturating your cotton and wick. When you release pressure, any excess e-liquid runs back into the bottle. You can then hit the fire button and vape as normal.

Do I need a squonk RDA?

Yes. You need an RDA that has a bottom feeding pin to connect to your squonk mod. Many of the newer RDAs include a BF pin in the box.

What are the advantages of squonking?

    • Squonking eliminates all the hassle of dripping.
    • Squonking is a lot less messy than dripping. If you drip too much e-liquid in a regular RDA, it has nowhere else to go but down the sides of your mod. With a bottom feeding dripper, excess e-liquid goes back into the bottle.
    • Your e-liquid is built into the mod, so no more forgetting your bottle.

What are the disadvantages of squonking?

    • Due to the fact that a lot of space is taken up by the squonk bottle, most regulated squonk boxes can only accommodate a single 18650 battery. This won’t provide enough battery life or power for many vapers.
    • Removing, filling and inserting the squonk bottle can be messy and a bit of a hassle.