It is often said that human ingenuity knows no bounds. Whenever our freedom is restricted, we can become truly creative by exploiting loopholes. The introduction of the TPD in 2017 imposed many pointless and unnecessary rules covering tank sizes, nicotine strength etc. The vaping industry responded by specifically developing some new products as workarounds for the TPD:

  • We had the introduction of the 60ml shortfill bottle to get around the 10ml limit on e-liquids containing nicotine.
  • The 2ml limit on tank capacity means some manufacturers now supply extension tubes to give the tank a bigger capacity. Replacement bubble glass is available for certain tanks such as the Uwell Crown, which takes the tank capacity up to 4.5ml.
  • Squonk mods can carry around 5ml of e-liquid, avoiding the 2ml limit on tanks (however see the bottom of this page for more TPD information on squonking).

Squonking has actually been around since 2009, but the introduction of the TPD directly led to squonking’s rise in popularity. Because a typical squonk device can carry 5ml or more of e-liquid, they became an ideal alternative to a TPD compliant 2ml tank.

If you are not yet up to speed on squonking, this guide will give you all the information you need, so if you’re feeling “squonk-curious” read on.

What is Squonking?

Squonking is essentially hands-free dripping.  Squonking provides a kind of halfway house between having the convenience of a tank with the flavour of a dripper. Flavour chasers use squonking to get the satisfaction of using an RDA while out and about. So squonking is basically mobile dripping, meaning you can now drip and drive!

Why does it have such a silly name?

Back in 2009, a DIY modder (known on forums as Carlos49) had the idea to create an RDA which could be kept topped up by feeding e-liquid into it from a squeezy bottle fitted into the mod. He eliminated the need for dripping from the top by developing a special bottom feeding atomiser. The prototype was described by Jack Murray, another forum member: it just squonks the juice right up in there everytime you give it a squeeze” and a new vaping word was born.

Do I need a squonk mod?

Yes. Inside a squonk box mod there is a squeezy silicone e-liquid bottle and a battery. An opening on the side of the box allows you to squeeze the bottle with your finger, which forces e-liquid up through a plastic tube. The tube connects to the RDA through a hollow 510 connection pin. As you squeeze the bottle, e-liquid is pushed up into the RDA, saturating your cotton and wick. When you release pressure, any excess e-liquid runs back into the bottle. You can then hit the fire button and vape as normal.

At the moment, most squonkers use mechanical mods although regulated squonk mods are gradually becoming more available.  Mechanical squonk mods are definitely not devices for beginners and we would advise you to use a regulated mod if you want to give squonking a try. Mechanical mods can be highly dangerous unless you really know what you’re doing.

Do I need a squonk RDA?

Yes. You need an RDA that has a bottom feeding pin to connect to your squonk mod. Many of the newer RDAs include a BF pin in the box.

What are the advantages of squonking?

  • Squonking eliminates all the hassle of dripping. Let’s face it- dripping can be inconvenient. The need to drip after every few puffs means that you can never go far without a bottle of e-liquid. Spills and leaks are less likely and you can drive safely while squonking.
  • Squonking is a lot less messy than dripping. If you drip too much e-liquid in a regular RDA, it has nowhere else to go but down the sides of your mod. With a bottom feeding dripper, excess e-liquid goes back into the bottle.
  • Your e-liquid is built into the mod, so no more forgetting your bottle.

What are the disadvantages of squonking?

  • Due to the fact that a lot of space is taken up by the squonk bottle, most regulated squonk boxes can only accommodate a single 18650 battery. This won’t provide enough battery life or power for many vapers.
  • Removing, filling and inserting the squonk bottle can be messy and a bit of a hassle.

I heard that squonking is going to be banned?

In July 2018, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) were concerned that squonk mods are against the law because they don’t comply with the TPD:

“It is our view that a squonk bottle that is sold for use as a component part of an e-cigarette product is a tank and therefore cannot be supplied if the capacity exceeds 2ml. Any refill containers supplied with a squonker must comply with the associated regulations.”

A 2ml squonk bottle would obviously be totally useless. One way round this would be for squonk mods to be sold without bottles. Larger capacity squonk bottles could then be purchased separately. It’s yet another pointless piece of legislation which causes a lot of inconvenience for consumers and benefits nobody. Let’s have a slow-hand clap for the TPD.