What is Steeping?

Steeping your e-liquid isn’t always necessary, but it’s common practice among most DIY mixers as it often improves the flavour and quality of their favourite recipes.

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What happens when a liquid is steeping?

The flavour and appearance of most e liquids changes over time. Usually, they darken in colour and the flavour becomes stronger and more intense as they mature. This is caused by the ingredients in the liquid reacting with each other and with air.

So, if you receive a liquid that looks lighter and seems to have less flavour than a previous one it is probably a newer batch. A freshly mixed e liquid might be clear in colour and taste quite subtle. A few weeks later the same liquid might be considerably darker in colour and taste much stronger.

This change is referred to as ‘steeping’ and is generally seen as positive – as it makes liquids tastier! The liquid isn’t actually ‘off’ until it is very, very dark.

How to speed up steeping

A lot of vapers speed up the steeping of their liquids on purpose to maximise the flavour. This is very much a matter of experimenting to find what works best for each liquid and to suit your taste.


The easiest way to steep a liquid is just to leave the lid off the bottle (the air helps) and give it time. Most people recommend leaving the bottle in a cool, dark place, but leaving it somewhere light (like a windowsill) will really speed up the process.


Putting a bottle of eliquid in a warm (not hot) water bath (like heating up a baby’s bottle) for a while can speed up the steeping process significantly. Make sure that the water isn’t too hot though, as heat can degrade nicotine.


Shaking the liquid vigorously right after it has been mixed helps the ingredients blend.


Some vapers use microwave ovens or ultrasonic cleaners to speed up steeping. However, unless you really know what you are doing, we’d recommend sticking to the time and water bath methods.