What is temperature control?

Mods with a temperature control function have been around for a few years now, so they seem to be pretty commonplace these days. In spite of this, you may have never used the temperature control settings on your mod because they seem too confusing. In this guide we will explain what temperature control is and how you could benefit from using it.


What Is Temperature Control Vaping?

Temperature controlled mods were invented to combat the problem of dry hits when vaping. Nobody likes it when you suddenly get that painful and foul-tasting blast when your coil runs dry and overheats. TC allows the user to pre-set a temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. The mod will then monitor the temperature of the coil and will automatically limit the power it sends to the coil. If the coil gets too hot, the power will be reduced or cut off altogether, ensuring dry hits and burnt wicks are a thing of the past.

How Does Temperature Control Work?

Temperature controlled mods don’t actually read the temperature of your coil at all. They have a chipset which actually reads the resistance of your coil. Certain types of wire will change resistance as they get hotter. By measuring the change in your coil’s resistance as it heats, the mod decides on the best wattage setting, so that you do not overpower (and overheat) your coil. TC mode allows the coil to remain at a fixed and consistent temperature, whether you’re chain vaping or using a more relaxed mouth-to-lung method. The chip inside the mod can actually detect tiny fluctuations in the resistance of the wire during your inhale, and then an algorithm determines what temperature the wire must be, based on that information.

    • The snag is that TC will not work with Kanthal or Nichrome wire, because their resistance does not change as they heat up.
    • The three most common TC wire types are Nickel (Ni200), Titanium (Ti) and Stainless Steel (SS), so your atomiser must be fitted with one of these coil types for TC to work.

How to Use Temperature Control.

Firstly, check your mod to see if it actually does support temperature control (important!). If it does, then there will be settings in the menu to select the type of wire that your coil is made from. Here are some of the common wire abbreviations you’ll find on your mod’s interface: Titanium Wire: (Ti) Nickel Wire: (Ni) Stainless Steel: (SS) Nickel/Iron: (NiFe) Set your mod to the type of coils you are using. If putting in a brand new coil, it must be installed at room temperature, otherwise it will not work, and the mod’s calculations will be incorrect. Once your coil is installed, you’re then free to adjust the temperature to your preference. This will take some tinkering around on your part in order to get the right temperature for your e-liquid and coil. A good rule of thumb is to start out at 200°C/ 400°F and then go up or down from there in small increments until you find your sweet spot.

Benefits of Temperature Control.

    1. Prevents dry hits. With a temperature controlled mod, you won’t have to worry about dry hits ever again. The coil temperature will rise if the wick runs dry, so TC reduces the power so that you get less vapour rather than a burnt wick
    2. Temperature control ensures that you don’t inhale dangerous carbonyls, such as formaldehyde, a gas produced due to the burning of dry wicking material.
    3. Improve the life of your coils and wicks. TC means that your coil will live a few weeks longer and will keep your e-liquid tasting better because you won’t have to deal with burnt coils and wicks.
    4. Temperature controlled vaping is very easy to understand and everything is pre-set for you, so your only job is to regulate the temp setting to achieve your desired vape. It’s like having an autopilot on your mod!