Staggered Coils 0.3ohm Pre-Made (Kanthal A1 Pack of 10)

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Take the hassle out of DIY coil making with these premade coils.

Staggered coils come in many different varieties, such as the half staggered fused clapton or the staple staggered coils are two examples. The standard staggered coil consists of two clapton wires with spaced out wraps running parallel and then the two are wrapped by a smaller wire staggered between the previous wraps to give the appearance of a weave pattern.

Our staggered coils bear a resemblance to a flattened fused clapton coil and consist of 24 gauge kanthal A1 core wires with 32 gauge kanthal A1 as the wrapping wire. This is then coiled at 0.3 ohms.


Pack of 10.

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