Poor Vapour Production


If you are getting some vapour but also a lot of gurgling and/or liquid in your mouth click here. The lack of vapour is probably because there is liquid in the airway.

If there is no gurgling but there just isn’t much vapour, there are three possible causes:


1. A low powered battery

If your battery is quite old, it may not be delivering enough power any more. Batteries hold a little bit less power with every cycle of use and charging. As they reach the end of their lifespan they also tend to deliver less power. If you are having to charge your battery a lot more often than you used to, this probably means that it is past its best.

Or, if you bought a battery or starter kit very cheaply – from a car boot sale or corner shop, for example – it may not be delivering enough power. Cheap, poor quality batteries often have all the weight in the top end, rather than evenly distributed and need charging multiple times a day even when new. They can deliver way too much power as well as too little, as well as being potentially dangerous to charge.

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2. A failing clearomiser or coil

Every type of clearomiser or coil lasts anything from a few days to several weeks. Usually you will get a burnt taste or a lot of leaking when your coil needs changing, but sometimes they can just stop working well. If your battery works fine with other clearomisers then you’ll need to replace the one in question, or change the coil if it is a rebuildable model.


3. Poor quality e liquid

Substandard e liquids, sometimes found in pound shops, corner shops or other places that don’t specialise in vaping supplies, can produce poor vapour (amongst other problems). If liquids from a reputable supplier work well in your equipment you’ll know that this is the problem.